I see the value, where others do not

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Creative Mind

In 2016 the whole world got to know about a teenager who announced raising $150,000 for his business ve nture a day before his prom - Five App, a messenger for deaf people, as the project that started my career as an entrepreneur and business analyst.

& AI Expert

As a CEO of a fintech software house,, I entered the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I co-founded Opus, a decentralized music streaming platform which was one of the world’s first project to sell its tokens in the ICO model.

While studying at New York University Abu Dhabi, I focused my research scope on Artificial Intelligence. I co-founded Meetrigo - a data analysis platform dedicated to the marketing sector.

The companies I brought value to

Only a year after entering startup
world, I became one of
Forbes 30 Under 30.

Since that time, I’ve used my experience to help many businesses as an advisor and investor.

I believe that hard work and trust spiced up with some creativity are fundamental for success.

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Companies I
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